Blue Collage / le collage bleu


Blue 1

I created this collage with images from different fashion magazines. The theme is the colour blue and I wanted to create an underwater scene (I’ve been a bit obsessed with the sea recently), inspired by the central image. The result is a scene which is a bit bizarre but I like it! 🙂

J’ai créé ce collage avec les images des magazines différents des modes. Le thème est le couleur bleu et j’ai voulu créer une scène aquatique (j’ai été un peu obsédée par la mer récemment), inspirée par l’image centrale. Le résultat est une scène qui est un peu bizarre mais je l’aime! 🙂

Rock Zine / Un zine de la roche


I wanted to create something based on these images which I took and this zine is the result. I folded a piece of paper in order to create a little booklet. On the cover I used pen and water in order to make the forms of the rock surface. In the inside I explored cool and warm colours by using collage and when the zine is fully open, you can see a study of the rock surface which I made by using mixed media.

Textures of the Seaside / Les textures du bord de la mer


I took these photos when I went to the seaside in January. I noticed lots of interesting textures, particularly where the sea erodes the concrete surfaces. I love the colours which are created by the algae and those which are revealed by erosion; they are almost too vivid to be natural and I never edit my photos – I don’t really know how!

Antoine Henault: a French photographer / Antoine Henault : un photographe français


Antoine Henault 1

Antoine Henault: a French photographer

These photos capture a dreamy summer spent swimming in lakes while the sun sets; an ideal summer. But these photos aren’t the content of an American teenager’s Instagram; they are the work of the French photographer Antoine Henault. I discovered Henault on Instagram and I fell in love with his images; the vivid colours are captivating and they seem to capture the essence of summer. Henault was born in Paris in 1992 and his youth is reflected in his photos; they look completely natural, they aren’t over composed.