John Stazeker: collages with depth / les collages avec la profondeur


Around five years ago I discovered a collage by John Stezaker in a fashion magazine. I stuck it in my notebook and I soon forgot all about the image. However, during my art A Level, I studied Stezaker and remembered the beautiful collage. Stezaker’s collages are simple but complex. Often they are composed of one or two images, usually one photo or the entire collage is in black and white.

Moonrise Kingdom: a film for the summer / un film pour l’été


Moonrise Kingdom 3

I love Wes Anderson’s films; they are colourful, beautiful and intriguing. His film Moonrise Kingdom (2012) is a perfect film for summer. The film explores the adventure of two teenagers, Suzy and Sam, who run away from home with a tent, a cat and a record player. They create their own “kingdom” on a small beach where they dance, paint and read books.

Instagram and Experimentation / Instagram et expérimentation



I find that Instagram is a little frustrating. I love it but there is too much choice, it’s overwhelming. I can’t resist posting any pretty photo that I’ve taken, however the result is a group of images which don’t go together. My favourite Instagram photographers have a theme, creating a selection of images that are visually appealing.

Pastel Mosaics / Les mosaïques pastels


Recently I’ve explored geometric shapes by making postcards. With these postcards I created collages in the style of a mosaic, I think that it’s quite effective because there are small triangles which create the bigger shape (yes, I have an obsession with geometric shapes!). It was fun to arrange the triangles, similar to a jigsaw puzzle but without the stress! I like the pastel colours – I used the colour charts that you can find in the paint shops in order to create the triangles.

Triangles / les triangles


My exams are finished! I can’t believe that my first year at university has come to an end. I have lots of ideas for this blog; there are lots of things that I want to do during the summer. It’s nice when you have a big period of free time which you can look forward to; suddenly I can do all the things that I’ve wanted to do!