Anthony Gerace : American Homes

American Homes 5

I first discovered Anthony Gerace’s work on Instagram. I wish I could say I found his photography in the pages of an exclusive art magazine; however these visual delights were nestled among images of frothy cappuccinos and bikini selfies. Gerace’s photographs are exquisite, with vivid colours and compositions which are pleasing to the eye. The photos that I have selected here are from his series “American Homes”; these buildings embody the stereotypical “American Dream” housing (to such an extent I can’t help but notice the similarities with the sugary houses in Edward Scissorhands).

The nature of the subject matter is intriguing; there is the idea that these houses are visually pleasing to the eye; they make a pleasant image, yet to the inhabitant it is their entire world. These residences (maybe with the exception of the disused caravan and abandoned house) are places where the people inside cry, worry, argue…live. The perfect houses are deceptive, their simple exteriors conceal complicated goings on. My personal favourite is the house with the two fir trees; I like the not quite symmetrical composition and the cool tones of the blues and greens. I wonder if the person who lives here views it the same way?

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