Anthony Gerace : cut and paste

People Living 1
People Living

I was trying to choose an artist to write about this week, and since I enjoyed Anthony Gerace’s photographs I’ve decided to explore some of his other work. As well as photography, Gerace also creates a wide range of collages; he uses vintage photographs and scraps of old paper to create pieces that convey a sense of nostalgia.

For his series There Must Be More to Life Than This Gerace dissects images into tiny squares, and rearranges them to subtly alter the subject matter, without making it look like a jigsaw that’s been shaken in the box. The result reminds me of those puzzles where you slide squares around, in order to make a picture. I think it’s interesting how the structure appears regular, yet when you look closer the image is all messed up; it almost makes your eyes hurt. His collages from the Stakes series have similar style; a few pieces are placed together to form a fragment of an image, either standing out against the background or blending in.

People Living 2
People Living

The Abstracts + Miscellany series is self-explanatory; playful collages which incorporate different papers or images to create something which is just visually pleasing or a surreal composition. People, in particular their faces, take a starring role in Gerace’s People Living series. He uses different techniques for these collages; some images are cut into strips, while others are covered in torn paper. The use of black and white faces with coloured paper reminds me of John Stezaker’s work. What strikes me about Gerace’s collages is that they know what they are; you can see the raw edges where paper has been torn and how different images combine together to create the final composition. Often digital collages are smoother, and fit together seamlessly. But for me, the whole point of collage is to use different images and papers together to create something striking; Gerace’s collages do just that.

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