Andy Faraday : Alien Landscapes


I’m back! It feels good to be blogging again :). Thought I would mention this: I’m president of my university’s blogging society and I also run the society’s blog Manchester Blogging Collective . Feel free to take a look and even give it a follow if you like it! Now it’s time for my actual post…

Like Anthony Gerace’s work, I discovered Andy Faraday’s captivating photographs on Instagram. The swirling colours caught my eye; Faraday’s images appear to capture an alien landscape. This seems to be the idea behind the photos; the series is entitled “Life on Mars” and it’s a fitting name for this otherworldly work. The photographs feature a desert landscape (they were taken in Australia), which could almost be a barren distant planet, and in some a woman runs through the mist of colours like a ghost – at first glance you wouldn’t really notice her, it’s as if your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Faraday creates the kaleidoscopic effect by allowing the colours of the photographs to run. I find that this adds another element to the work; the photos are essentially damaged and imperfect,  yet this disruption of the development process results in mesmerising patterns; swirls, swipes and veins of colour dance across the landscapes. It’s interesting how this unconventional process transforms these ordinary landscapes into something extra-terrestrial.

All images:



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