Chad Wys: Eradicating the Blank Canvas




Flea Market Landscape With Bars, 2013

A blank canvas is something which doesn’t exist in the world of Chad Wys. An American mixed media artist (and I mean mixed media in every sense of the word), Wys creates his artwork using anything from old paintings to china plates, making his mark on the work of others. Vivid, solid colours stand proud against their backgrounds, giving forgotten pieces of artwork a new lease of life.

Inge Jacobsen : stitching pop culture



If you think embroidery is restricted purely to the elderly and the sewing lessons of a 1960s secondary education, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Embroidery has moved on from the corners of your handkerchief (you know the ones, with your initial stitched onto it) and now weaves itself into pages of pop culture publications.