Benjamin Shine : fabric forms




Stillness, 1/9 , 145 x 145cm

Benjamin Shine, among other things, creates ethereal artworks by only using pieces of tulle and an iron. He calls his technique “painting with fabric”, yet there is softness in these artworks which couldn’t be conveyed in the same way if he did use paint. The sheerness of the tulle creates exquisite layers within the portraits; colour is built up in the more dense areas and fades away at the edges. 

Collaged Landscapes



An update: I’ve bought my domain, so it’s now .com instead of Also, I have a lot of university work at the moment so there will be fewer posts over the coming weeks.

I created this collage a while ago; I used images from travel magazines with different landscapes. The idea is simple: match up the horizons; but I think the result is really interesting.

Menja Stevenson : the daily commute




U Bahn S, 2012

I’m going to try something a little different with this post: I usually write my artist posts in English, however since my artist this week is German it seems appropriate to write in that language. Therefore in order to express my thoughts and practice my German, I’m going to write my full post in English and then do a German summary underneath.