Menja Stevenson : the daily commute


U Bahn S, 2012

I’m going to try something a little different with this post: I usually write my artist posts in English, however since my artist this week is German it seems appropriate to write in that language. Therefore in order to express my thoughts and practice my German, I’m going to write my full post in English and then do a German summary underneath. If it goes well, I might consider this format in future, so I won’t have to sacrifice content or language practice. And hopefully it’ll be a pleasure to read as well!


I came across these photographs by German artist Menja Stevenson on the website This Is Colossal (an incredible website which features a wide range of artists) and they struck me as being both fun and meaningful. Women blend into the background of these images, wearing clothes cut from the same cloth as the bus seats. The seats on public transport are often rather grim, with mysterious stains and dated designs; but changing the context makes the patterns look quite stylish, although a little gaudy.

Bustour S, 2008

But if you look below the kitschy surface of these photos a more significant message is revealed: how commuters interact with their environment and those around them. Some commuters would dream of being invisible on the bus, avoiding all conversation and just existing in their own private worlds. Others become part of the bus, enduring tedious journeys early in the morning or late at night; losing all enthusiasm for their surroundings.  Both of these groups are represented in Stevenson’s work.

Bustour RW, 2010

Ich habe diese Künstlerin, Menja Stevenson, auf einer Website This Is Colossal, gefunden. Sie hat die Frauen im Bus fotografiert. Aber die Frauen tragen die interessante Kleidung, weil deise Kleidung und die Sitze gleich sind. Ich denke dass, diese Idee ist interessant, weil die Sitze gewöhnlich sind, aber diese Kleidung ist ganz schön. Es gibt eine andere Idee; die Pendler wollen oft unsichtbar werden, und diese Frauen sind unsichtbar geworden. Der Stil dieser Fotos gefällt mir, ich mag die Farben und die Gestaltung.

All photos / die Fotos :

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