Benjamin Shine : fabric forms


Stillness, 1/9 , 145 x 145cm

Benjamin Shine, among other things, creates ethereal artworks by only using pieces of tulle and an iron. He calls his technique “painting with fabric”, yet there is softness in these artworks which couldn’t be conveyed in the same way if he did use paint. The sheerness of the tulle creates exquisite layers within the portraits; colour is built up in the more dense areas and fades away at the edges. 

Silence, 1/1, 70 x 70cm

The delicate nature of the fabric results in subtle images; at first glance it appears as if the tulle have been screwed up and discarded, only after a closer look do the profiles appear like ghosts. There is something soothing about Shine’s tulle creations, the softness is easy on the eye and the colours are delightful. On Shine’s website I also discovered a video of a tulle installation entitled ‘The Dance’. This work is a lot more intense than the portraits, but there is something about the scale and the layers of this installation which is captivating. You can watch the video here. All photos from (sorry the quality isn’t the best):

Ease, 1/1, 145 x 145cm

Side Note: Last week was very stressful, I had a lot of work and I couldn’t find the time to do the things I enjoy which is why I didn’t post on here. I’m hoping to get back on track this week. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy visiting my site!

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