Danielle Clough : threading tennis rackets

Why use an embroidery hoop, when a tennis racket will suffice? Danielle Clough embroiders richly coloured flowers which bloom across the racket strings, the beam* framing the stitching perfectly.  Flowers and tennis doesn’t seem like a combination that should work but Clough’s floral creations appear to grow naturally, in some instances the colour of the bloom is determined by that of the racket.

Another piece of Clough’s work which caught my eye is a commission she did for the African Innovation Foundation. A protea embroidered onto chicken wire, a combination of materials with contrasting properties and connotations: silky threads weave across the rigid wire, a softness entwining itself around the urban metal. The background to the protea is whatever is visible through the chicken wire, resulting in a piece of art which is constantly changing.


Similar to Inge Jacobsen’s work, Clough transforms the traditional medium of embroidery into something new and experimental, seeking alternatives to an embroidery hoop and fabric. But judging by the other works on Clough’s website, it’s not a bad place to start.

*Googling parts of a tennis racket was a highly informative experience, this is an example of some of the vocab I learnt


Danielle Clough est une artiste de la broderie avec une différence : au lieu de tissus et de tambours à broder, elle utilise des raquettes de tennis. Les fleurs colorées éclosent sur les cordes, leurs couleurs sont déterminées par celles de raquettes de tennis. Dans son travail pour African Innovation Foundation, Clough a brodé un protea sur grillage, elle crée un contraste entre les fils en soie et le métal rigide. Elle transforme la broderie traditionnelle en quelque chose de nouveau  et innovant.

All photos: http://www.danielleclough.com/

Clough’s commission for African Innovation Foundation: http://africaninnovation.org/publications/seed/index.html#p=1

I’ve had a little redesign of the blog, I’ve created some pages with links to posts on artists, photographers and also my own work; you can find these pages at the top menu. And everything that used to be on the side, is now at the bottom. Enjoy and thanks for reading!




  1. Hi, your article is interesting, and your french part is pretty good but you’ve done some mistakes: at the beginning is more right to say: “au lieu de tissus et de tambours à broder, elle utilise des raquettes de tennis.” , and at the end: “Elle transforme la broderie traditionnelle en quelque chose de nouveau et innovant.”
    Voilà, j’espère que je t’aurais un peu aidé en corrigeant tes fautes 🙂

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