January Édito

Wild Plastic 1

I’ve been thinking recently of ways to develop and improve this blog, and I realised that I enjoyed writing the Édito post (based on the concept of an editor’s letter) and how it allowed me to express my intentions and thoughts on Le Projet Culturel. I’ve decided to write an Édito at the start of each month, to set out my intended posts and to give an insight into other things going on in my life. Unfortunately I had this realisation a little late; ideally I would have posted this month’s Édito a few weeks ago, however I was too impatient to wait until February to test out my new idea.

I currently have exams at university and normal lectures don’t resume for another two weeks, so everything feels a bit odd at the moment, there is a lack of structure which is both a blessing and a curse in terms of productivity. I have to organise my year abroad as well over the next few weeks, this doesn’t have the same pressure as an exam yet it is always at the back of my mind; long term projects can be procrastinated easily, however they are often of more importance.

During the exam period in the summer, I started reading the archive posts of Style Rookie, the blog written by Tavi Gevinson, founder of Rookie Mag. I’ve been reading a few posts between revision sessions over the past few days. If it weren’t for her I would never have started blogging, so it’s enjoyable to look back at her story, especially as I started reading her blog relatively late. A strange mix of nostalgia and discovery is created when you look at something old for the first time; certain aspects have a comforting familiarity, but there are also ideas which feel shiny and new. Seeing the progression and development of Tavi’s blog motivates me to create new ideas for Le Projet Culturel.

For the rest of this month and continuing into February, I’ll be looking at the work of several photographers. The first will be Slim Aarons, whose photographs I have encountered regularly on the pages of Vogue. Inspired by his style, I’ve selected a few photographers who explore similar themes and ideas to Aarons, including Alex Prager and Miles Aldridge.  I will also be sharing some of my own embroidery and photographs too.

Hopefully I will publish an Édito at the start of each month.



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