Closed for Business

Last March I took these photographs in Scarborough, a seaside town. I was drawn to buildings which had a playful aspect to them, be it brightly coloured tiles or interesting surface patterns. Seaside resorts often have details like these which you wouldn’t usually find in other cities; they reflect the activities that take place there, such as colourful ice cream parlours and shops selling cheap trinkets. But these seaside resorts have grown old, they have become dated. They are no longer shiny and new and these images reflect that; peeling paint and cracks reveal the passage of time. They capture the essence of a seaside town being closed for business.

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  1. Out of season seaside towns provide great subject matter for photography ,textile art & creative projects especially as the light is usually so different to that found in built up city areas ,l love the colours you have captured and your evocative text .

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