February Édito


Here’s February’s Édito, a sort-of editor’s letter to keep you updated with this blog. Although January exams are over, the new semester at uni has started and it’s proving to be rather busy. Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a few blog posts, though I need to prioritise my uni work. I’ll be continuing look at the work of photographers who explore similar themes and ideas as Slim Aarons.

benjamin-shine-catwalkOutside of this blog, I’ve written a couple of exhibition reviews for The State of The Arts, a website all about the arts in the North of England. You can read the reviews here. Last year I wrote about the artist Benjamin Shine, and his ethereal tulle creations. Now his work has been featured on Maison Margiela’s catwalk (photo from AnOther). It’s fascinating to see how the boundaries between art and fashion can be dissolved, and how the two can come together to create great things.

January 2017 will be, at least culturally, remembered for La La Land. It is a little frustrating that it has been discussed over and over again, but I really did enjoy it. It had perfectly composed scenes; I loved the dreamy lighting when they had the meal and the galaxy silhouette dance sequence. The songs were divine and the plot gave me a lot to think about. And at the end of the day the never ending list of 5 star reviews can’t be wrong.


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