Pflanzen und Tiere Europas


Pflanzen 3

I came across this book at a free second-hand book give away at uni. I was drawn to it because of its beautiful botanical drawings. I’m planning on using some of the images in collages, and I wanted to create something involving the cover without changing it too much. I used tracing paper in order to create an embroidered replica and I am really pleased with the result; the transparency reveals all the twisted threads, creating the illusion that the cover is alive and growing.

March Édito


Plastic in Wild 8

Into The Wild

If there had been a theme for January’s and February’s posts it would have been Glamour, so this month’s ‘theme’ is Into The Wild. I was considering The Great Outdoors but there is something a bit clichéd about the phrase, and I felt that Into The Wild has this sense of creeping into nature and allowing it to take over (the film is one of my favourites too).