March Édito

Plastic in Wild 8

Into The Wild

If there had been a theme for January’s and February’s posts it would have been Glamour, so this month’s ‘theme’ is Into The Wild. I was considering The Great Outdoors but there is something a bit clichéd about the phrase, and I felt that Into The Wild has this sense of creeping into nature and allowing it to take over (the film is one of my favourites too). The idea of this theme came from a free book which I picked up at uni a few weeks ago, entitled Pflanzen und Tiere Europas (European Plants and Animals), it features beautiful botanical illustrations, some of which I have used in collages which I will share throughout this month. Furthermore, I will be exploring the work of artists whose work goes Into The Wild, in terms of subject matter and aesthetic, such as the sculptor Heidi Bucher and the collage artist Karen Lynch.

When thinking of this theme, imagery of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom springs to mind, with its warm colour palette and the idea of retreating to nature. Romanticised nature is an intoxicating idea and I want to focus on that, rather than its cruel side. Solange’s album A Seat at the Table has been an influence on me recently, the images associated with it have an organic quality to them (you can view her Instagram account here) and her video for Cranes in the Sky features mesmerising desert landscapes. Scenes from Beyoncé’s All Night also capture the idea of going back to nature, and reconnecting with the Earth.

Organic, impressive, captivating. The Wild.


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