Karen Lynch : Creating the Sublime

The concept of the sublime is when something (often in nature) is so great that it is overwhelming and it becomes almost impossible to believe it. For example, high mountain ranges, vast expanses of oceans and deep valleys. For me, the sublime is nature at its most impressive and powerful. The sublime can make you feel small, which is both a pleasant and terrifying experience; it can take away the pressure off your existence and enable the realisation that you don’t need to worry – nature was here before you, and will be here long after you’re gone. But it can also make you feel insignificant and useless. I personally find the idea of the sublime mesmerising; I love the experience of seeing a landscape that appears to stretch on endlessly, as if it is the entire world.

Karen Lynch’s collages capture to some extent the feeling of the sublime. By experimenting with scale and perspective, she creates the illusion that her imaginary landscapes are endless, and in some instances continue until they meet outer space. The people in her collages look out at these scenes of surreal natural beauty, in a state of awe. Her landscapes contain elements of fantasy which are slightly unnerving and intimidating such as oversized geological forms and mysterious glowing forms in the sky. Lynch’s collages are visual feasts, showing distant, dreamlike lands. Yet they are landscapes that we never physically explore; although they would probably overwhelm us if we could.

Le mot sublime décrit quelque chose (souvent dans le monde naturel) qui est si impressif, il est accablant. Par exemple, les montagnes élevées, les étendues grandes d’eau et les vallées profondes. Le sublime peut être effrayant, parce qu’il est si grand ; mais il peut être agréable aussi, car il est beau. Moi, j’aime le sublime, il est hypnotique. À mon avis les collages de Karen Lynch saisissent l’essentiel du sublime. Elle utilise la perspective et l’échelle pour créer l’illusion que ses paysages sont interminables. Les collages contiennent des aspects de rêve, comme les formes mystérieuses qui brillent. Ces collages sont des véritables plaisirs pour les yeux. Mais c’est une peu triste, parce que on ne peut jamais explorer ces paysages physiquement, cependant ils seraient trop accablant.

All photos/ les images: http://karenlynchcollage.tumblr.com/



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