Heidi Bucher: Inside Out

Artificial creations often feel more durable than organic forms, although it really isn’t the case. A house appears to stay unchanging over the years, yet the nature that surrounds it is constantly shifting. However, the nature was there first and will be there long after the house if gone. Heidi Bucher takes our sturdy interiors, and transforms them into something less solid. She used latex to take casts of houses, creating surreal, ghost-like sculptures. The colour of the latex gives the casts a natural quality, almost as if the house is shedding its skin like a snake.1988-Hautraum-Lindgut-

I’ve come across Bucher’s sculptures before, but I hadn’t previously seen the images showing the casts hung from trees. It captures the idea of the ‘inside’ being ‘outside’; the cast is made vulnerable to the elements, torn by the wind and the branches in way that an interior never would be. This form which represents something so solid, is incredibly weak when placed in a natural environment.  It is reminiscent of plastic bags blowing in the wind, and how ultimately nature can overcome the manmade.  1985-Hautraum-Schloss-Lenzburg

All images: http://heidibucher.com/work/


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