May / June Édito

Plastic and Grass 9May is one of those key turning points in the year when the weather becomes a little bit warmer, the atmosphere becomes hazier and colours are saturated in the spring sunshine. It is also a time for exams and endings, and my life seems pretty full of these right now which is why I haven’t been able to post anything recently.

The theme for the next two months is Clean. The idea came to me a while ago when I discovered the work of Daniel Steegman Mangrané, the word ‘clean’ seemed to fit his sculptures perfectly. I’ll be looking at work by other artists which feature geometric shapes, crisp lines and block colours. I’ll be sharing more plastic-obsessed photography as well, sticking to the idea of all things Clean.

Posts won’t be frequent, or regular, over the coming weeks. But it is still a pleasure to take the time to write about things which I enjoy, appreciate and admire; and this blog always remains at the back of mind, so thank you for reading it.


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