Daniel Steegmann Mangrané: Clean Chains

I always feel a bit guilty when I write about sculptures and installations, because often I’ve never experienced them in real life. This can be said for most of the artworks I write about and it has its downsides; online images give you false dimensions and reduce the sensory experience to a purely visual one. However, in the age of the internet artists have to accept that their work will be experienced in a digital format as well as in an art gallery; for me I can still appreciate these artworks even if I’ll never see them in reality. Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s installation, named intriguingly (‘(, is captivating even in its 2D form, in fact photographs reveal aspects which might not be discovered by a viewer in reality.Installation 3

(‘( features coloured chains which are suspended in a white space, each curtain contains the outline of a shape in solid metal, creating inviting archways and windows. There are so many exciting aspects to this installation: how the shapes appear to float in the air, the colours and patterns that are revealed by viewing the chains from a far and the abstract forms which are created when different perspectives are captured, to name but a few. At first glance it’s a simple installation with block colours and clean lines, yet it becomes increasingly complex when you examine it further. (‘( draws you in whether you view it in reality or in a photograph; it invites you to walk through the arch ways and pull apart the chains, either in reality or in your imagination.

All photos: http://www.danielsteegmann.info/works/39/index.html

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