Elise Mesner: Striking Surrealism

Oh Skys

Elise Mesner’s photography embodies the aesthetics of ‘Clean’, her crisp images sit comfortably in our digital world – fittingly I discovered Mesner’s work on Instagram. High definition photographs with bright colours are commonplace in the art world today, but Mesner remains original by adding surreal aspects and creating images which are nonsensical but visually delightful. The different plastic elements combine in these images to make them particularly striking and gives them a unique style. In the photo from her Oh Skys series, a contrast is created between the ruffled pink fabric and the flat blue background, while a cord criss-crosses the models’ face and forms a point of intrigue for the viewer. It sounds wrong on paper, but the visual drama it creates is undeniable.

Moving away from models, Mesner’s still lifes feature objects which shouldn’t really go together, but work well nevertheless. In an image from Cool Bisous, a leaf elegantly protrudes through a plastic basket, escaping the artificial cage placed upon it; however the similar colours untie the two opposing objects. This surreal scene is placed against an intense purple background, resulting in a dynamic colour palette. Mesner’s photographs are simultaneously simple and complex; she creates innovative compositions from a limited number of components and a restricted range of colours, consequently they stand out among the sea of images in your Instagram feed.

All images: http://elisemesner.com/

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