Plastic and Print: Fairytale

Fairytale 5

More from the plastic and print series: colourful plastic sheets are placed over the fashion pages of an old magazine. The fifties dresses and elegant poses of the models conjure up images from fairytales; indeed the ‘Disney Princess’ came into the cultural sphere during this era. 

The new, clean plastic contrasts with the aged, grainy photos; yet the transparency creates a continuity within these photographic collages. The vivid colours of the sheets are both simultaneously modern and dated; they clearly belong to a different time to the magazine pages, however their garish tones are reminiscent of colourful fifties and sixties furnishings. The placement of the sheets creates a fake relationship between the women and the plastic – they appear to glance curiously at the bright, colourful forms which have intruded into their world, resulting in a beautiful but slightly surreal picture.


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