July/August Édito : Midsummer Madness

I can’t take credit for the name of this post – its borrowed from an art exhibition I’ve recently been to in London but it sums up everything going on in my life right now.

A trip to France, two weeks work experience at a magazine in London, several art gallery visits and countless tube journeys…its midsummer, and its been mad. However, its meant that my blog’s anniversary has come around quickly – two years ago today I began writing Le Projet Culturel! I’m so glad that I’ve stuck with it, this blog has led to so many amazing things: I’ve hosted a radio show for my blogging society at uni, reviewed exhibitions for The State of The Arts, written for my student paper The Mancunion, discovered exciting artists and photographers and produced some of my own work (ah, yes, I’m referring to those plastic sheets of course!).

It felt fitting to have a little shake up for the new blogging year, I’ve updated my theme so it is more focused on the images and I’ve decided to be more organised regarding my blogging schedule. Each month will have an Édito, and posts on an artist, photographer, my own artwork and an idea (I think it’s obvious I just wanted a freestyle option each month!). Hopefully I’ll stick to it, keep reading and I guess you’ll find out.

For the rest of July and August, I’ll take a look at digital illustrations by Chrissie Abbott, Steve Leon Brown’s photographs and paintings by Bridget Riley. I’ll squeeze in some of my own work too, and there’ll be a post about something a bit different from the usual art stuff here, so keep a look out for that.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported this blog, I really enjoy creating it!

À bientôt,


(I took this photo a year ago in Paris, I love the touristy pose of the guy on the bench!)

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