Steve Léon Brown : Feral Fjords

In 2016 Steve Léon Brown went on a cycling tour around Iceland. Looking at the photographs that he took along the way, he may as well have been on a distant planet. Cracked, red earth gives way to grey puddles of water – most likely geysers, natural hot springs or geothermal pools. Not something you would encounter in your ordinary British countryside. Low clouds cling to the tops of green mountains, reminiscent of a prehistoric landscape which is a world away from the uniformity of sky scrapers. A white house sits proud at the base of rugged, pink hills; giving us the slightest indication that these photos show scenes from Earth.Feral Fjords 6

Shooting with just a film camera, and occasionally editing colours to increase saturation, his images have a softness too them. They don’t feel like the highly polished photos you find in a fancy travel magazine, rather the more intimate snaps from a family holiday. Well, perhaps with a little more sophistication. He successfully captures the Icelandic landscape in a way which allows you to visually immerse yourself in that environment; there isn’t a separating distance between the viewer and the subject, it could easily be you stood on the edge of the road watching the cyclist or standing knee deep in a meadow. Steve Léon Brown has created an ideal escape with his photos: it is something which seems very different from our day-to-day lives but is in fact a rather achievable adventure.

En 2016 Steve Léon Brown a photographié le paysage islandais pendant une excursion en vélo. Il a utilisé la pellicule prendre les photos, et l’effet est captivant, car les images sont moins impeccables que les autres photos qu’on peut trouver dans les magazines de voyages. Le paysage islandais a l’air d’une planète différente, donc les photos sont un peu mystérieuses et elles fournissent un échappatoire visuelle.

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