September Édito : a new city

For the first time ever, Le Projet Culturel is being written from France! I’m spending the first semester of my Year Abroad in Lille, located in the north near Belgium. I moved here a week ago (which is why I haven’t written a post for the while) and it’s been incredible so far. This week has been a surreal mix of melancholic feelings, spontaneous outings and conversations in broken French and English. Moving to a different country isn’t easy, but it’s not as difficult as I expected either. The following are some interesting moments I’ve experienced so far:

  1. La Braderie – a market which takes over the city. Essentially, it’s an excuse for people to unearth their weirdest belongings and sell them to anyone who’s interested.
  2. Mussels – a delicacy which was everywhere during La Braderie. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. We even walked past a family who’d set up tables along the pavement and were hosting a little feast at 10 o’clock at night.
  3. A gig in a disused train station – Gare Saint Sauveur. It was intense inside but people spilled out onto the cool tarmac carpark, drinking beer in clusters and speaking with impossible speed.
  4. Flicking through old postcards in a church – part of La Braderie, we found a church full of old books for sale; I bought one from the 1960s about geography and the earth.
  5. Animals, dead and alive – a visit to a beautiful natural history museum with an impressive taxidermy selection but also some tanks containing various insects, I didn’t like that part.
  6. Creeping around – I live in beautiful French house with a lot of character, but there’s a spindly wooden staircase which is particularly noisy in the middle of the night.
  7. Rushing to the cinema – trying to find a cinema in a new city, in the dark with seconds to spare before the film starts is a stressful experience, but worthwhile.

Some of the posts I’ll be publishing in September were supposed to be for August, so there is a slight summer theme, but perhaps view it as a last burst of sun before the nights close in.

À bientôt,


Image: a digital collage I made using photos I took in the museum.

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