Maggie Rogers : Dancing through the summer

This is the first of my ‘idea’ themed posts; each month there will be a post which features anything that’s caught my interest or something which doesn’t fit into the other categories. This month I’m featuring Maggie Rogers’ tour wardrobe.

Maggie Insta 2

Maggie Rogers is shining bright right now: after being discovered by Pharrell Williams (so the story goes) she released her EP Now That The Light Is Fading  and has played almost every festival going this summer. Her music is a unique, hypnotic mix of folk and electric styles and the visuals she creates are incredible; she’s doing her own thing and she’s doing it well. Rogers’ channels her music not just through sound but through vision too, and her costumes capture  the essence of it – they are simultaneously vintage and contemporary.

Maggie Insta 3

Maggie Insta 5

Maggie Insta 4

All images from Maggie Roger’s Instagram

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