October Édito

In October the light changes, it becomes more intense at dusk and dawn as the sun sinks lower into the sky with each passing day. Mornings are hazy and the air becomes colder and crisp. October is a time for returning, returning to the darkness of winter and retreating into the cosy warmth of inside. October was doing homework all weekend long during the early weeks of A Levels, October was returning home for the first time during reading week after being away for so long, now October is viewing these autumnal signs in a new place – a different city in a different country.

Happenings from September:

  • Viewing artworks in an old swimming pool and viewing the sunlight through stained glass
  • Noticing how the light catches buildings at differents times of the day
  • Watching light projections on a monument at night
  • Walking to Belgium
  • Accepting that statues around Lille now have mirrored cubes instead of heads
  • Pretending that the corridors of my university are actually sets from John Hughes’ films

I wonder what October holds for me.


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