November Édito

At the end of the previous Édito, I wrote “I wonder what October will hold for me”, well now I can safely say it held a lot. October was rich with whirlwind visits to European cities, punctuated with autumnal sunsets and tinged with the orange hues of the leaves outside of my window. It was a busy month which began with a crisp walk in a the local park followed by a night of watching films with my friend who lives in the house opposite. Then the pace picked up with a day trip to Amsterdam, one of the most magical cities I’ve ever been to. Colourful flowers markets and bright clogs gave way to pastel hued buildings in the fading light as we spent our limited time exploring the city. During the week there was drinks with friends, seeing our new city differently in the darkness of night. A Saturday trip to Brussels followed, although a lot of the day was spent below ground getting to grips with the complicated metro system.


Eventually the holidays arrived bringing one precious week off. My aunt came to visit offering much needed respite from the student lifestyle; we went to an old book market by the Grand Place and I bought postcards from times gone by. Now for the big finale: Paris. In the City of Lights I was reunited with friends from University and it so lovely to see some familiar faces from the life I’ve put on pause back in Manchester. On the night of the 30th October we walked all over Paris, aiming to arrive at the Eiffel Tower at midnight. Unfortunately we were late and when Monday turned into Tuesday, we were walking through the empty streets passing deserted designer shops. At one point a group of drunk Parisians asked us to take their photo, all dressed up for Halloween, “It’s normally us who take photos of the tourists”, they slurred (French sounds slurred at the best of times though if I’m being honest). We made it to our destination at 1am, strategically changing our phones to GMT so we could get the midnight filter on our Snapchat stories. We stood in the empty fountain in  Trocadero Gardens, with the Eiffel Tower glittering behind us. And then the lights went out. I began the final day of October 2017 by witnessing the iconic Parisian landmark being plunged into darkness, which was a little disappointing to say the least. However it’s rather magical knowing we and only a few other people were in one of the most famous places in the world at the moment, a little bit quieter than if it had been midday.

As for this blog, it’s ticking over ok, although I don’t have much time to write as often as I’d like. But it you are looking for something Groovy to read, please take a look at my other blog which I write with my friend Kizzy, Groovier Times Are Ahead.

Sunset photo: taken outside the train station in Lille. I love the colours, especially the green and the pink.

Bring on November.


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