January Édito

A new year, a new adventure. I’m currently in Australia (I bet you didn’t see that coming!); in the summer I was invited to stay with family friends in New Zealand and so I decided to make a trip of it, especially as I have a couple of months off between my year abroad placements . I stopped over in Singapore for two days during my journey here, ticking off 3 countries and two continents in one go. Over the next few weeks I’ll try to write some posts about the places I’m visiting and what I’m getting up to: Le Projet Culturel – Les Vacances edition.

Usually I would write a little summary of the previous month’s events, however my last couple of weeks in France passed in a blur. It was a difficult time, full of contrasting emotions; I was so happy to go home and see my family again, but equally I was sad to leave Lille and all the friends that I had made there. Now it feels like a distant dream, with many aspects already fading, although the overall experience has left me with a lot of happy memories.

As always,  keep reading my other blog written by myself and Kizzy, Groovier Times Are Ahead .


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