Something from Nothing

After I got back from my travels in mid February I was in a very funny mood. It was a limbo period, a bit of a comedown after my holiday but also a time of building anxiety before my move to Germany. I hasten to add it wasn’t a month of misery, in fact it was lovely just spending time at home and being with my family. However, it felt odd because normally at that time of year I’d be in school or at uni, so I was at a loss as what to do, especially as all of my friends were away. One day I was messaging Cli, a really good friend I’d met in France and she had a brilliant suggestion, which was to use that time to make some art and reconnect with myself. I suddenly realised that it had been very long time since I’d just sat down and made something. So I gathered all the old books and postcards I’d accumulated over the past year, spread them over the living room floor, put on The Simpsons and immersed myself in the creative process. It provided an opportunity for self indulgence, offered an escape from reality and it also made me feel nostalgic for my teens when I used to do more creative things in my free time. I’d like to pass on this advice: when you’re feeling a bit empty, just get creative and make something. It will never be a waste of time.


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