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Le Louvre, Paris


Hello! I study French and German at university but I love art and photography. This blog explores artists and photographers whose work I admire, as well as my own artwork (feel free to follow me on Instagram where you can see some of it). If you look hard enough, you’ll find posts about films and music too. I view ithis blog as a sketchbook to explore things which I am interested in; it’s a place to gather together all of my inspirations. I co-write another blog, Groovier Times Are Ahead, which features more of my writing.

I also use this blog to practise French and German, occasionally you’ll find a post with a translation so please let me know if there are any mistakes. There will usually be a post a week, with each month featuring a post on an artist, photographer, my own artwork and an ‘idea’ – something interesting that I’ve come across. At the start of each month there will be an Édito which will give a summary of the month ahead, as well as thoughts I’ve been having.

This blog is now in its third year, I’ve kept all the posts up from the very beginning – they most certainly aren’t perfect but I think its important to show how far this blog has come.

I hope you enjoy visiting my blog, even if you just look at the photos!


Instagram: @leprojetculturel


Email: leprojetculturel@gmail.com



  1. hi,

    i would really be pleased if you was to let me share some of your art on my blog and my instagram page, i am looking to support future up and coming artists through both of these mediums

    would this be possible?


      1. Well I need you to pick a peice and just answer a few questions about it if that’s ok? It shouldn’t take long, the questions are:
        I just need a little bit more information if that’s ok? The questions are:
        Why the picture? (If you could pick a picture that would be amazing)
        Where did the idea come from?
        Why does this picture mean so much to you?
        What more can you tell us about your art?
        Thank you
        Could I also have your Instagram account so I can attach it to the page, thank you


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