Elise Mesner: Striking Surrealism


Oh Skys

Elise Mesner’s photography embodies the aesthetics of ‘Clean’, her crisp images sit comfortably in our digital world – fittingly I discovered Mesner’s work on Instagram. High definition photographs with bright colours are commonplace in the art world today, but Mesner remains original by adding surreal aspects and creating images which are nonsensical but visually delightful.

Plastic and Print : Features


Plastic Features 2I’ve taken a series of photographs using coloured plastic sheets and old magazines. The result is collage-like compositions which feature geometric shapes, interesting textures and vivid colours. I’ve divided the photographs into different themes based on their content: features, fairy tale, consumer culture, beauty and advertising. Here is the Features series. 

Miles Aldridge : Fake Housewives



There is a significant difference between something that is glamourous, and something that is glamourized. The women in Slim Aarons’ photographs were rich and beautiful, they were the epitome of glamour. Miles Aldridge captures something rather different, he mocks the traditional image of the woman in the domestic environment, particularly the perfect housewife of the 50s and 60s.

Alex Prager : Beauty, Glamour, Hollywood




At first glance, Alex Prager’s photographs are rather different to those of Slim Aarons. Prager’s photo series, The Big Valley, tells a story; the models play a role and the scene is carefully composed in order to fulfil the photographer’s vision. In Aarons’ images, the subjects don’t play a role, they just live their lives. Yet despite the different ideas, the photographs of Aarons and Prager share several key similarities: beautiful women, glamour and the allure of Hollywood.