Pflanzen und Tiere Europas


Pflanzen 3

I came across this book at a free second-hand book give away at uni. I was drawn to it because of its beautiful botanical drawings. I’m planning on using some of the images in collages, and I wanted to create something involving the cover without changing it too much. I used tracing paper in order to create an embroidered replica and I am really pleased with the result; the transparency reveals all the twisted threads, creating the illusion that the cover is alive and growing.

March Édito


Plastic in Wild 8

Into The Wild

If there had been a theme for January’s and February’s posts it would have been Glamour, so this month’s ‘theme’ is Into The Wild. I was considering The Great Outdoors but there is something a bit clichéd about the phrase, and I felt that Into The Wild has this sense of creeping into nature and allowing it to take over (the film is one of my favourites too).

Benjamin Shine : fabric forms




Stillness, 1/9 , 145 x 145cm

Benjamin Shine, among other things, creates ethereal artworks by only using pieces of tulle and an iron. He calls his technique “painting with fabric”, yet there is softness in these artworks which couldn’t be conveyed in the same way if he did use paint. The sheerness of the tulle creates exquisite layers within the portraits; colour is built up in the more dense areas and fades away at the edges.